The Kitten Chronicles: Good Help May Be Hard to Find – Amusing Help Isn’t

By Ariel & Shya Kane
Baby the kitten peering into toilet

The Kitten Chronicles: Good Help May Be Hard to Find – Amusing Help Isn’t

During our Corona summer, we spent much more time in our home and have created an organic approach to housework. Since our days are largely our own to structure, we do the laundry as needed rather than designate a day of the week to handle the task. If we look down and realize a toilet needs cleaning or a floor needs vacuuming we do it. Of course, there are some tasks that are folded into our daily routines and our kitten, Baby, is always more than ready to help.

We make the bed each day. Now, we make the kitten into the bed most days, too. When we do, we gently pull the sheet up past the pillows, then fold it back and as we do, it’s like being magicians and the great reveal. Baby inspires us to do the dishes right away also. Ever since we found her head deep inside a cup to lick the dregs of the hot chocolate and whipped cream made with the sweetener xylitol (none of which are good for her), we became disciplined at removing our empty cups and washing them. We must admit, though, for a moment it was pretty funny to see her face scrunched down in that see-through cup.

And then there is office work. Baby likes to file. Or perhaps we should say she likes playing and sitting and chewing on our files. She seems to have grown out of her office worker phase now, though, but we will see.

It’s also an endless source of amusement how much she likes to “help” as we clean the cat box each day. When we scoop her poop and flush it down the toilet you can count on her to gallop into the room to take part. She can’t wait to see the water swirl down the bowl. We’ve even been known to flush again – for our enjoyment as much as hers.

Good help may be hard to find – but then again maybe not. As summer merges into fall, for the two of us, having amusing help is actually pretty darn good.

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Hehe, what a snapshot! ?
Thank you for sharing this update on your “personal fun-household coach”.
Warm wishes,