The Kitten Chronicles: Cat Fish

By Shya Kane
Baby the kitten with "fishing" flies

The Kitten Chronicles: Cat Fish

During our “Corona” spring and summer, virtually all of Ariel and my fishy plans were set aside. Our March trip to Hawaii that included several days of fishing was cancelled. Our May fishing trip to the Bahamas was cancelled, too. And Canada was closed to us so even if Ariel and I were willing to brave a cross country flight, we wouldn’t be able to go steelhead fishing there, either.

So, during this time, I began fishing close to home at the trout club where I’m a member or out on the bigger Delaware River. But my ability to fish at the trout club was often curtailed due to low and warm water conditions. At other times, the heavy rains would turn all the rivers near me into a chocolatey mess. So it’s lucky for me I have my feather “fishing rod” and I can go Cat Fishing anytime. Perhaps it is more accurate to say, I have created a sport of my own: fly fishing for our kitten, Baby.

Baby will twine around my legs or even nip me on the nose, letting me know she is ready to play. If I hide the rod and fly with a blanket she will often lead me to it and look at me expectantly as if to say, “Well, let’s go!” I have even gone into my fly tying area to create special and bright feather birds to fly before Baby so she can jump and play and race around. Sometimes I take out a different feathery fishing rod, complete with beads and a bell and go “fishing” on the bed beneath the covers as she pounces and races and catches my bait. And similar to real fishing, one of the best times is when she catches my fly and standing tall, she proudly carries it away, line and rod trailing behind. Of course I wouldn’t want a fish on a river or in the ocean to take my rod and fly line because once it was gone it would be gone for good. But after waiting for Baby to have her win, I can easily retrieve my rod and start again.

I may not be able to go out fishing on a daily basis, but for sure, on any given day, I truly enjoy Cat Fishing.

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? With all these cosy cats during the seminar , I started thinking ( th ) about having one. Have to “seduce” Dieter ( had lots of cats in his family as a kid and said: never again!) We’ll see….