The Kitten Chronicles: A Burst of Gorgeous

By Ariel Kane

The Kitten Chronicles: A Burst of Gorgeous

I saw Baby from across the room and suddenly I was transported. In a rush, I experienced her as gorgeous. It was an overwhelming burst of love, appreciation and awe in her beingness, her beauty. She wasn’t doing anything in particular. She just was. And then I got it. All those times Shya has stopped in his tracks to watch me. When that happens, he often declares me gorgeous. Suddenly I realized that I could let that in. I didn’t need to do something or be a certain way or dress up or wear makeup or have my hair just so. Simply being is enough.

There have been plenty of times when Shya has “complimented” me or expressed his love and some part of me wants to squirm away as if the comment was undeserved. Well it wasn’t. Because Shya’s declaration of love really wasn’t about me. Just like Baby’s gorgeousness isn’t really about her either. Some people might see a picture of Baby or even be in the room with her and they will simple register her as a cat if they notice her at all. She wouldn’t automatically be a fascinating source of wonder for them as she is for me. I have given my heart to her and it has opened the door to really seeing her.

Recently our son Josh sent us a video of him on a blanket on the floor laying next to his 5 month old granddaughter (our great-granddaughter), Violet. She was grabbing him on either side of the head, holding on to fistfuls of hair. He was in heaven and so was she. She was gorgeous, too. In fact, they both were. (But don’t tell him I said so – he might be embarrassed.)

I guess gorgeous happens when you allow yourself to love and be loved. Our kitten, Baby is a master at being Gorgeous.

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Such a beautiful article! Thank you so much for it.
And so many beautiful thoughts.
This one is utterly memorable:
“Gorgeous happens when you allow yourself to love and be loved.”
Thank you!
Much love from Denmark.

Thank you Victoria! So happy to hear you found it enjoyable and memorable. Hope you join us for one of our Global Video Seminars again soon. It would be lovely to see you!