The Kitten Chronicles: Baby Dreamtime

By Ariel

The Kitten Chronicles: Baby Dreamtime

I was laying on the bed reading a book, Baby stretched out beside me, when suddenly she began to twitch and shiver – dreamtime.

“What do cats dream of?” I wondered as I placed my hand gently on her belly. Was she reliving catching that moth earlier in the day or perhaps batting a little foam soccer ball that Shya had tossed?

With my hand lightly upon her she stilled. Had I interrupted a heroic kitten event? I didn’t think so.

I watched her breathe. She wiggled into a more comfortable position, front paws aloft. Fingers loosely encircling her right hind foot, I resumed reading. After a while, Baby’s mouth began moving – reminiscent of when she finishes up her bowl of food.

I hoped it was a satisfying meal.

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