Sweet Memory of my Grandpa

From Christian in Hamburg, Germany

Sweet Memory of my Grandpa

Dear Friends,

As some of you know, my grandfather died last month while I was attending week one of the Instantaneous Transformation Costa Rica immersion courses. It was unexpected and happened fast. I’m so happy and thankful this happened while I was in Costa Rica – I was surrounded and supported by so many dear friends.

In my mind, loss was something terrible that I didn’t want to experience, and for sure it would take time to overcome the loss of a beloved person. But thanks to Ariel & Shya’s approach of transformation, I could just simply experience “sadness” and feel the love I have for my grandfather, to whom I was very close.

During the funeral ceremony, I spoke about the last thing we did together on the Sunday before I left for Costa Rica. We were sitting in his room at the nursing home where he had a calendar that had a separate page and a daily quote for each date. He took the page with yesterday’s date and handed it to me with the words, “Put it in the bin.” I love crafting things or building a new thing out of an old thing, so the piece of paper magically became a paper airplane. He glanced over and just smiled. Together, we let the plane whiz through the room accompanied by our laughter. Like during summer holidays with my grandparents (when I was a kid). I’ll never forget our laughs. 🙂

It was such a sweet experience. Also seeing people coming together in the church to say good bye and going for a meal and being together afterwards – for me, it was a celebration of his life. 🙂

Something about my grandpa that inspired me was this: whenever he thought of someone, he simply picked up the phone and called his friends. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree – that’s what I do, too.

I’m so happy having you and transformation in my life.



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