The Kitten Chronicles: Sweet Affection

By Ariel and Shya Kane
Baby the kitten hanging over perch

The Kitten Chronicles: Sweet Affection

Earlier today, as I was passing Shya on the way up to our office loft, he surprised me and stopped my forward momentum. Taking my face in both hands, he kissed me sweetly on the lips and said, “Nothing is more important than this moment.” Spontaneously I slowed down and was with him. An hour or so later, our kitten, Baby, also took me by surprise. I was busy at my computer, handling morning emails when she stepped off the desk and into my arms while purring – this was a first during daylight hours.

Sitting quietly with our kitten, I could hear Shya’s rhythmic breathing downstairs where he took a cat nap since Baby had awakened us early. This morning when she roused us, it wasn’t with the usual pouncing and playing. Instead she nimbly crawled over me and padded her way over to Shya where she climbed on his chest purring softly, nestling her head in his hand. I heard him murmuring soft greetings in the darkness and her rumbling vibrations increased.

As I held her soft warmth, nothing was more important than this moment and the kitten in my arms. Emails could wait. Work would get done in its time. Being here with Baby, stroking her fur, feeling her contentment deep in my chest became my world.

Baby the kitten hanging over her perchIn the recent past, I have picked Baby up as she slept deeply near me on the desk. In her drowsy state she wasn’t really disturbed so I could lean back and nap with her in the stillness of a hot afternoon. Shya and I regularly pick her up and cuddle and kiss her or run our hands down her sleeping form. Or we stand before her cat tree and nuzzle her as she lounges. And she will wind her way around our legs when we are preparing her food. But this was a new moment – one where she didn’t need hunger or the cover of darkness in order to spontaneously step into my arms.

How sweet it is that our kitten graces us with her presence, warmth and affection.

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oh what a sweet & wonderful article! thanks very much for the reminder of the moment and all it’s glory, if you are there for it!

So sweet! Thanks for this! My Heffy turned 8, and has often shown a need to dominate that had me typecasting him as a bully, toward the older cat, Sarah. But yesterday he approached her as I watched, and began to lick her face around her ear. I’ve never seen him do that without biting or swatting her to conclude– but this time he just washed her, and let her be. After all this time it was not the “usual” interaction! That “usual” expectation was in my head- not the reality of the moment. Wow- I’m still getting to know Heffy as he is, when I slow down enough to be there!