Step Up, Jump In, Let’s Go! …and Magic Happens!

From Katrin in Emmen, Germany

Step Up, Jump In, Let’s Go! …and Magic Happens!

Pic Katrin largeI’m registered for the upcoming seminar Step Up, Jump In, Let’s Go! in Hamburg, Germany and it’s already doing its magic!

Last week, I spoke with a dear friend from this community, Andrea, about my finances and business (I’m an artist, writer and creativity coach). I told her about my dream to have exhibitions for my art and how I wished that someone would ring at my door and say, “Katrin, I will do everything you want for you! I will exhibit your art and take care of everything!” We both had a laugh and I shared with her that several opportunities had already had shown up, but I hadn’t really taken action to make them come true.

My mind came up with excuse after excuse – for example, that things would become too much and I might get sick again (I have a chronic viral infection and stress is a major trigger). Andrea said many brilliant things – here is what I recall:

“You don’t become sick because things are too much. You become sick because you stress yourself and drive yourself crazy before anything has even happened. The idea of making money scares you as it might change things in your relationship. You think that you depend on your husband. I don’t see you as a weak person. But you do.”

Then she said, “You’re talking about all these opportunities but it seems like you don’t really want to do them. If you don’t wanna do them – great! But then “don’t do them” wholeheartedly!” She smiled at me and I couldn’t help but smile too. It felt confronting, embarrassing… and true. Something clicked. Right after that, I took action and since then magic is happening!

PaintingsAnother friend had recommended a lovely little location in Hamburg for exhibiting art, so I called the owner and will have my first exhibition there on April 15th – my paintings will be hanging for one week! 🙂

I also called a local magazine which features artists, their work and homes and left a message – I haven’t heard back yet but will call again.

Previously, I had asked my pedicurist if she’d like to hang my paintings in her store and although she was an immediate “yes,” she came up with an even better idea: Across the street from her shop there’s an empty store in a beautiful half-timbered house with empty shop windows. I always felt drawn to this place, dreaming of having a creative café there or something… Happily, my pedicurist gave me the names of the new owners.

On Thursday morning, I called and reached their answering machine but didn’t leave a message. On Friday, I drove by their house and left three of my little art postcards in their letter box. I also called again, finally daring to speak a message on their answering machine. On Saturday morning, they called me back – they loved my art and the idea to display it in their store. For the next several months I have free rein to present my paintings in the windows and can have an open day event or something. An acquaintance even offered to loan me partition walls to present the paintings.

So, finally – I’m ringing at my own door myself! And I love it! At moments it’s scary, but thanks to Transformation (including Ariel and Shya’s radio show Being Here) and the support of my friends in this community, I am seeing more and more that when I have self-doubting or “what if” thoughts, they are a hint that I’m not engaged in what is right now – and I relax again. It’s all perfect. 🙂

I also feel that sharing Transformation (I invited each lovely person mentioned above to the upcoming seminars) has become easy and natural for me. This new feeling is settling in, that showing my art and myself is a gift. Feels awkward to write this and sweet at the same time. 🙂

So, from the bottom of my heart, I invite YOU to Step Up, Jump In, Let’s Go! in Hamburg! Come, join me and many, many other brilliant beings – and magic will happen for you, too!

Love from Germany!

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Many thanks, Katrin. Nice to see, how your life changes and that means , it’s possible for everyone and for me. Thanks!

You’re so welcome and Yes, it is! Looking forward to seeing you next week in Hamburg, dear Ruth! xoxo Katrin

Dear Katrin, I love this so much. You are brilliant and an inspiration. I am so excited for you !!! xxxx

Dear Ashley, Thanks so much for your words! Excited to see you next week in Hamburg, yay! Much love to Cambridge! PS: And it takes one to know one 😉

Thank you for this beautiful share! It is inspiring.

Thank you so much for sharing, Katrin! I love this. Amazing what comes back once you share yourself. Whatever it is: passion, self-doubts, your brilliance, no matter what. It is a helpful gift. For me I read it in the perfect moment and I am so inspired. Looking forward seeing you in Hamburg next week. And your beautiful artwork in April.