Some Magic Moments

from Ashley from Cambridge, UK

Some Magic Moments

ashley-familyThank you Ariel and Shya. Something has really clicked for me after this last weekend seminar Money, Success and Happiness, Wealth as a Lifestyle in Hamburg, Germany. I couldn’t say what it is, or why exactly but suddenly I feel I get it in a way I have not before. Life has been really lovely since I got back, in so many different ways. With my children it’s almost laughable – at times I’m there with my jaw dropped open thinking ‘is this a set up? did you really just behave like that?. To give you an example, the other night my son came in when called for dinner and actually said, with real excitement, “yeah stew!”. I literally did a double take to see if he was winding me up. Usually when I make this meal – which doesn’t look that great but tastes good /and/ is full of vegetables – he complains. In fact he usually complains at meal times in some way or other. This time he ate it all plus his broccoli – with enthusiasm!

This morning an old friend of mine rang from Australia. I haven’t seen or spoken to her since we visited nearly four years ago. She has Lyme’s disease and is on a healing journey. I told her about your workshops, books and radio show and told her my own experience. She said I was the happiest she’d ever heard me. For me I felt so good having this to tell her about. Being able to give her that possibility.

I also had an amazing session with Vicky on Monday. Again it felt so special to be able to support her with movement and bodywork but within the umbrella, or cradle, or framework of transformation.

O! And my parents-in-law. They were here when I got back because my husband Mike is away for work. For the first time ever I saw how loving my father in law is. Previously I’ve seen him as fussy and fastidious in the way he lays out the breakfast things and has to have everything a certain way. This time I saw how this was his expression of his love for his wife. I saw how much he loves her and what a loving man he is. It was just lovely with them.

And the most profound time with my younger son Sam, really listening to him, seeing him as a genius and seeing how he glowed as a result.

All incredible. And I could go on. Thank you so much.

There was a tip Ariel & Shya gave me in the Freedom to Breath seminar on the Thursday before the weekend that enabled me to see how I have a mountain of complaint on one side and a mountain of drama on the other. Between them is a thin, narrow path, that can only be taken one step at a time. Perhaps I should say a pit of drama on one side! and a pit of complaint on the other – walking to find the moment felt like a delicate, focused tightrope walk between them.

There was so much else as well in what was said – and that continues to come – what the Kanes say is gem-like, precious, illuminating and a gift to all.

With gratitude, (and hugs!)

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