Simple Delight – Childlike Wonder

By Ariel
an open palm holding a cat's whisker

Simple Delight – Childlike Wonder

Our cat Baby shed one of her whiskers. There it was, a gentle arc, next to her on the office chair, keeping her company as she slept. Reverently I used two fingers to grasp it, marveling at its color and texture. Dark at the root, white at the tip, it winnowed down to a slender point, yet was resilient enough to stay pristine as I tickled it across my palm. Compared to her fur this single strand was a giantess.

“Shya, look!” I exclaimed. “Baby lost a whisker.”an open palm holding a cat's whisker

I laid the filament in his hand so he could admire it, too.

Raindrops on flowers and whiskers from kittens… (to mis-quote a song from The Sound of Music) …feathers and seashells and dragonfly wings, these are a few of my favorite things.

Sometimes children will come to our home and scour the gravel drive for special rocks. Or they will scoop out tadpoles from our little pond with a strainer. I am in awe of their childlike wonder. And I am oh-so-grateful to still have my own.

a small, finely detailed dragonfly wingBlue flower blossoms covered in dewdropsa bouquet of unique bird feathers in a seashell vase

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