Sharing My Wins

By Benedict Hoermann
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Congratulations, dear Benedict! Wow, great success, great story, thank you so much for sharing!

Congratulations, Benedict!! So happy for you, and your friend and colleague. Reading your article, I felt like I was there, too, oh wow! Jamie Lee Curtis!!
Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful wins.

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Dear Ariel and dear Shya❣️

We could experience, what an important role you and the community played an important role for Benedict’s success and how supporting you were during this challenging time of the production of the movie. Dear Bene, Henning and me have a lot of admiration how you managed to be aware of all the challenges your team and the actors were confronted with.
An example you gave us, was, when you told us, how relieved and happy you were when the most dangerous scene of the movie was completed. You told us about the stunt men being in flames in the trenches.
Dear Sandy we specially want to appreciate your supporting love for Bene at a time you also were busy with editing.
???? Love Brigitte&Henning
As your dad I am very proud of you
Me( Brigitte) too

Dear Brigitte and dear Henning,
Thank you so much for your kind words! Without your constant support, without your love and without having you as a dad & you as a stepmom Brigitte nothing of this would have been possible. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, so your part in all of this is a lot bigger than you might think!
With deep love,

AMAZING!!! Congrats Benedict! We are thrilled for you and your team. And boy, does that Oscar look good on you! Much love, Lutz and Karin

Dear Karin and Lutz,
Thank you so much & I look forward to see you very soon on one of the next LMEs and especially to meet you in Hamburg in person!!

Congratulations & thanks for inspiring article!!

Wow, Benedict, reading this has been such a gift! How truly wonderful that you’ve shared your inner thoughts with us, thank you. You so eloquently express not only hearing your thoughts, but that moment of transformation when you see them for what they are, they completed themselves, and you were able to step into the next moment.

This is such an awesome story. So inspiring! Thank you, Benedict

Congratulations???????????????? And thank you for sharing your win and your experience with all of us???? You are a inspiration✨

Thank you Andrea!
This whole community is a constant source of inspiration, including you!!

Dear Benedict,
I’m so so happy for you and your team… what an achievement.
And thanks for sharing your thoughts and wins – it is unbelievable how we can downsize ourselves if we are not trained in awarness.
Looking forward to see you soon.
May be at the end-of-may-in-person-seminar “Fun as the Access Way to Enlightenment” in Hamburg (Germany)? I’ll be there.
Big hug,

Dear Daniela,
Thank you very much and yes, I will be in Hamburg for the “Fun as the Access Way to Enlightenment”-Seminar!
See you soon!