Ariel & Shya Kane’s Approach to Self Discovery and Well Being

The Kanes’ approach to self discovery is anthropological in nature. (An anthropologist is one who observes human behavior and notates what he or she sees in a non-judgmental way). This empowers participants of the Kanes’ interactive seminars to find peace of mind and well being by viewing their actions within a non-judgmental framework, allowing for honest self-observation without self-reproach. It also creates a safe learning environment where feedback is given and received in a non-threatening manner, which results in a strong support structure for improving self esteem.

Ariel & Shya Kane use a self discovery approach rather than a problem/solution technique

What makes the Kanes’ approach to self discovery unique is that it is not problem/solution oriented. They have found that the simple identification and recognition of unexamined behavior patterns or beliefs is enough to facilitate resolution without having to “work on” them as problems. As a result, those interested in finding peace of mind, self esteem and having well being discover a new possibility. The Kanes are masterful at identifying and communicating the dynamics they observe in individuals and organizations that unknowingly undermine effectiveness and satisfaction.

The Kanes have found that the slightest shift in one’s reality can produce a quantum shift in one’s life — Instantaneous Transformation®.

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