By Zoe


Dear Friends,

We are blessed to have many amazing individuals in our community who often tell us stories about their lives during a Living Made Easy seminar. Often the experiences they share come alive for us as if we were there.

On the first Blog of 2024, here, with our friend Zoe and her mother’s permission, is one of these inspiring moments. We hope you enjoy.

Wishing you a glorious year ahead.

Warmly, Ariel and Shya

It was early when my phone rang. It was my mom.

“I’ve finished radiation and I have energy. Let’s go to the museum – now!”

My mom had been battling breast cancer* and after an operation she had undergone radiation therapy to eradicate any lingering cancer cells. I don’t know about her, but for me, it had been a highly emotional time. My mother has always been so vital and during this experience I had come to realize that I couldn’t count on this being a forever thing. Of course, I expect her love for me will always be there but once she was diagnosed with cancer her mortality came into focus. Conversations with her had become precious jewels rather than throw away moments. It had been so easy for me, I came to realize, to take speaking with her for granted and sometimes even as an obligation rather than a privilege.

So when the phone rang on that cold, winter morning and I rolled over in my warm, comfy bed, I was surprised and slightly alarmed to see it was my mom. She didn’t regularly call at an early hour. But, hearing her excitement, her urgency, to meet at the museum, I acted.

“Yes! Let’s go. I’ll meet you there.”

Throwing my coat over my pajamas, I thrust my feet into a pair of snow boots as I called an Uber. Mom was waiting for me at the museum when I arrived.

15 minutes after we got started, her energy flagged and we were done for the day. I ordered another Uber and dropped mom off at her apartment before continuing on to mine. It was then that I realized that I must look a little odd: hat, gloves, coat and snow boots with my pajama bottoms peeking out between. On another day, in a different life, I might have been embarrassed or I might have felt silly. But on this day, I leaned back, smiling to myself as I realized that I had my priorities firmly in place.

*We are happy to report that Zoe’s mom is now enjoying full remission and is cancer free.

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Thank you for sharing, Zoe! Heartwarming and funny, thinking of your wonderful outfit. Xoxo, Elke

Deeply touching and so sweet a museum date. I love this inspiration in recognizing that this very moment matters.