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About the books:


How to Create a Magical Relationship


"Years of therapy cannot touch what the Kanes can do in minutes...10 stars for this outstanding work."

- Dr. Maryel McKinley


"The secrets to magical and fulfilling relationships are all here – there's no need to look further."

- Stephen Gawtry, Editor, The Watkins Review


"A masterpiece...unprecedented by any other relationship genre book this reviewer has ever come across."

- Awareness Magazine


"...truly a masterpiece of the self-help genre that is destined to become the first 'line of defense' for troubled relationships."

- Mary A. Arsenault, Publisher, Wisdom Magazine


"After 34 years of marriage, through the Kanes' approach, we went from putting up with each other and hating it, to being deeply in love, with a relationship far beyond what we imagined was possible."

- Bill & Charlotte Sayler, married 43 years


"...NOT your typical book about relationships. I opened it expecting a book about how to improve my interactions with other people and closed it feeling like I now had the owner's manual for my life."

- Dave S.


"I love this book! I can't even express how much it transformed my life - immediately. I have a very demanding career that, in the past, I frequently brought home with me. The Kanes make the suggestion that intimacy can become 'a sanctuary from the cares of the world...' Afer returning from a business trip, I came home with a whole new perspective, one that characterized my boyfriend as indispensible to rejuvination, not an imposition. It is such a gift! Thank you, Ariel and Shya Kane!

- Caitlin W.


Working on Yourself Doesn't Work


"The Kanes create a miraculous space where I quit worrying. Working on Yourself Doesn't Work has allowed me to rediscover my passion for life and ability to have fun."

Ellen Jackson
Loving Mother and Wife


"In an era of technological revolutions affecting how we work and how we communicate, the Kanes are creating a revolution in how we live."

Andrew Gideon
Vice President, TAG Online, Inc


"What the Kanes have to offer is so very simple...and yet so very profound. In the garden of all the flowers for personal transformation, and I have sampled many, this is the Rose. With great love and respect, the Kanes offer keys to awareness like no one else I have ever met. Their work is remarkable."

Johnnie M. Jackson, Jr.
Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary
Olin Corportation


"The search is over! Working on Yourself Doesn't Work is all you will need to make the transformational shift that can dramatically alter the course of your quality of living - for the rest of your life...This simple, yet profound, book teaches us how to live in the moment. It is refreshing, truthful, sincere, authentic and written with insightfulness and clarity. I choose to give this book a rating of 10+. A must for the library of every seeker of truth."

- Maryel McKinley, C.A.D.C. Awareness Magazine


"Don't let the title mislead you. This book is not about the futility of self-improvement, but rather about the effortlessness of transformation. The authors, Ariel and Shya Kane, suggest that all we have to do to transform our lives is learn to live in the moment. If we can be in the moment, what they call Instantaneous Transformation® occurs naturally. In other words, a miraculous shift in the way one is oriented in the world happens instantaneously, by itself, when one surrenders completely to the present moment."

- Kim Stevenson Whole Life Times Magazine



About Being Here, Modern Day Tales of Enlightenment


"This is a book of ordinary everyday moments, yet profound moments, helping us all navigate our daily experiences with the resonation of universal truths of the ages."

- Inner Tapestry


"An enlightened approach to the difficulties we all face in our life journey"

- Wisdom Magazine


"Ariel and Shya Kane have done it again in producing yet another masterpiece."

- Love in Santa Fe Magazine


"This little gem of a book injects all the 'how to' directly into the reader's bloodstream, engaging the imagination....Its deceptively simple format–stories–cracks open amazing possibilities for transformation."

- ForeWord magazine


"An ordinary person's guide to every-day-enlightenment. These moving, witty, and life-inspiring stories will stay with you long after you have read them."

- Susan Donlon, Associate Director, Fortune 500 Investment Bank


"Like ancient Zen parables, the Kanes' engaging stories remind me how simple, beautiful, and fun life is meant to be."

- Josh Pais, Actor


"I've read so many books in order to get IT. In reading the Kanes' book, Being Here, a funny thing happened: IT got me!"

- Alisa Sher, College Academic Advisor


"I've had a lot of experience with 'doing' things to achieve a sense of well being in my life. Little did I know that simply 'Being Here' was all I needed!"

- Roderick Hill, Actor



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