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Suggested Questions for Ariel and Shya Kane about their book Working On Yourself Doesn't Work: The 3 Simple Ideas that will Instantaneously Transform Your Life:

  1. It seems simplistic to believe that something as big as transformation can happen in an instant.  What is Instantaneous Transformation, and how is it possible?
  2. You say working on yourself doesn't work.  Why not, and what can you do instead to improve yourself and your life?
  3. Why is a problem and solution approach not effective in experiencing transformation?
  4. How can people discover and dissolve their mechanical habits?
  5. Enlightenment seems like a very lofty goal that requires work and discipline.  Is there another approach that is more effective?
  6. Many people have an adversarial relationship with money.  How can that relationship be transformed into a more relaxed and natural one?
  7. What are the benefits of living in the moment, and how can that be accomplished?
  8. Workplace relationships can be fraught with tension and frustration.  What are some suggestions you have for making the workplace more joyful and productive?
  9. What can people do when they find themselves upset and wrapped up in the current climate of fear and worry about the economy?  

Suggested Questions for Ariel and Shya Kane about their book How to Create a Magical Relationship: The 3 Simple Ideas that will Instantaneously Transform Your Love Life:

  1. Your award-winning book is called "How to Create a Magical Relationship".  What is a magical relationship?
  2. Was your relationship always "magical"?
  3. What changed?
  4. It is a commonly held belief that people must "work at relationships."  How can a relationship improve if you don't work on it or try to fix what is wrong?
  5. If you were to give one tip for having a magical relationship what would it be?
  6. On page 164 of "How to Create a Magical Relationship," you wrote a chapter called "Starting Over" that talks about how to stop fighting with your partner.  Can you address that topic for our listeners?
  7. The two of you have been married for more than 25 years. What have you learned along the way about keeping relationships alive, exciting, fun, and magical?
  8. What gets in the way of having a magical relationship?
  9. What tools do you have on your website, TransformationMadeEasy.com, for people who are interested in being satisfied in their lives and having all their relationships be magical?
  10. You refer to relating as an art.  What is it about relating that makes it an art, and how can that art be learned?
  11. What cultural and personal concepts hold people back from having a truly fun and exciting dating life?  What is the benefit of dating in this playful way?


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