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The following are suggestions of story ideas.  The Kanes are experts in the field of Personal Transformation and can speak on a number of topics related to transformation in the following areas: relationships, communication, living in the moment, sex and intimacy, parenting, dissolving stress and fear, financial abundance, creativity, time management, workplace dynamics, and aging. 


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The Three Principles of Instantaneous Transformation: Transformation may seem like a daunting word, but Ariel and Shya can explain three simple concepts that will make living in the moment accessible to everyone.


How to Create a Magical Relationship: Whether people are searching for a relationship or have already found the person of their dreams, everyone wants to know how to create truly magical relationships.  Ariel and Shya will share the keys to finding a relationship and keeping it alive, exciting, and new.  


Dating and the Art of Relating: Cultural and personal concepts around dating make it so much more difficult than it needs to be.  Ariel and Shya can talk about how to have fun again and how to can relate well with one another even in challenging situations.


Starting Over: It is sometimes difficult to get out of the argument rut. Ariel and Shya will talk about how to let go of the arguments and start a new conversation.


How to Live in the Moment and Not in Your Thoughts: Second-guessing and questioning ourselves in an effort to gain approval creates untold problems.  What would it be like to simply be in the moment, living in truth?  Ariel and Shya can give tips on how to spend more time in the moment allowing us to be more satisfied, relate in a more honest and natural way, remain centered, eliminate stress, and dissolve mechanical behaviors. 


The Art of Being Wealthy: Striving and stretching for money can create a lot of stress in our lives.  Ariel and Shya can explain how living in the moment transforms the relationship to wealth from one of stress to one of natural expression.


Transformation in the Workplace: Workplace tension can diminish productivity and satisfaction and increase stress and conflict.  Ariel and Shya can discuss how unexamined, reflexive behaviors and poor communication skills are often at the root of this tension.  They can then share how to reveal and dissolve these behaviors.  


Fun as the Accessway to Enlightenment: Enlightenment seems to imply difficulty and a lot of discipline, but Ariel and Shya can explain how fun and a lightness of being may be the more direct route to enlightenment.



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