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The Kanes have written four books on transformation.  To see and download high resolution images of the book covers, click here.

Working On Yourself Doesn't Work: The Three Simple Ideas That Will Instantaneously Transform Your Life


This book has been republished by McGraw-Hill, and the new, updated version is now available in bookstores and online!


Working On Yourself Doesn't Work reveals a revolutionary new approach that will allow you to reach a state of awareness and "centeredness" that, in the past, took many years to achieve. This book contains the keys to transforming your life. It is a radical departure from the concept of working on yourself to bring about change. There are no gimmicks to learn, rules to live by, or preset paths to follow. The Kanes' Instantaneous Transformation technology is about a change of states, a shifting of realities which will produce a quantum shift in your life.


By reading this book, you will discover:

  • How to remain centered in stressful or challenging circumstances
  • A more honest, true, and natural way of being that will allow you to be increasingly effective and satisfied in all aspects of your life
  • How to have relationships that are more loving, exciting, and supportive
  • How to dissolve mechanical habits that rob you of spontaneity, joy, and creativity

How to Create a Magical Relationship


This book is published by McGraw-Hill, and is available everywhere books are sold. Read an excerpt here


What if you don't need to "work on" your relationship in order to fix it? In How To Create a Magical Relationship, you will learn the 3 simple Principles of Transformation so you can create a relationship that surpasses your dreams and discover how to recognize and bypass the pitfalls to having a happy and satisfying relationship.


Ariel and Shya Kane are masters of transformation. Their unique and revolutionary approach has inspired individuals, couples, and organizations across the globe. This book brings the wonders of their "Instantaneous Transformation" technique to all forms of relationship. Married for more than 20 years and relationship coaches for nearly two decades, the Kanes are expert guides who can help you relate with clarity and brilliance.


How to Create a Magical Relationship has won several awards, including:

  • 2007 Nautilus Book Award: Winner, category of Relationships / Men & Women's Issues
  • 2007 Eric Hoffer Award: Notable Winner, category of Health/Self-Help
  • 2007 Foreword Magazine Book of the Year Award: Finalist, categories of Family and Relationships and Self-Help
Being Here, Modern Day Tales of Enlightenment


Read an excerpt.


This book is a collection of stories that inspire, amuse, entertain, and enlighten the soul. Touching and profound, the stories illustrate a new possibility for approaching life, one that produces well-being and satisfaction, where upsetting events - even death and loss - don't have to affect one's ability to have a brilliant life.


Being Here, Modern Day Tales of Enlightenment has also won several awards, including:

  • 2007 Foreword Magazine Book of the Year Awards: Finalist, category of Self Help
  • 2008 National Indie Excellence Awards: Finalist, category of Spirituality
  • 2008 Beach Book Festival: Honorable Mention, category of General Non-Fiction
  • 2007 London Book Festival: Honorable Mention, category of Non-Fiction
  • USA Book News Best Books 2007: Finalist, category of Spirituality: General


Click Here to find out more about the Kanes' books and audio tapes.





The Kanes do numerous workshops throughout the year.  Here is just a sampling:


Monday Night Alive! with Ariel & Shya Kane


As Seen in Time Out New York:
"Ariel & Shya Kane teach tools for living in the moment and undoing the knee-jerk behaviors that get in the way of living life with ease."


These are exciting explorations which open the door to living in the moment. Each session is a unique impromptu event formed by the interests and questions of those who attend. Not just an introduction to the work of Ariel and Shya Kane, they are actual opportunities for people to discover how to live in the moment and experience satisfaction in all areas of their lives.


Through discussions and laughter you will discover how to be satisfied in all areas of your life, relate in a more honest and natural way, remain centered in problem situations, eliminate stress, and dissolve mechanical behaviors that rob you of your spontaneity and creativity.


How to Create a Magical Relationship


Learn the keys to finding a relationship and keeping it alive, exciting, and new and discover how to recognize and bypass the pitfalls to having a happy and satisfying relationship. Whether you are searching for someone or have already found the person of your dreams, this workshop will reveal the basics for creating truly magical relationships.


Transformation in the Workplace: A Communication Seminar

This seminar provides an environment in which participants can explore various aspects of their communications and behavior and the impact they may unknowingly have on others. In a loosely structured format designed to allow one to discover the nuances of true communication, this course acts as a non-judgmental laboratory environment which reveals and dissolves those unaware, reflexive behaviors that are counter-productive in an office environment. Transformation in the Workplace is appropriate for people of all professions and is specifically geared toward those companies and individuals who want to operate at peak efficiency and who desire to have work be a highly satisfying experience.

Some of the areas in which previous participants have reported dramatic results:

  • An increased ability to listen to clients and respond to their needs.
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased sales
  • Greater job satisfaction
  • Greater rapport with managers, co-workers, and/or staff
  • Less job related stress
  • Fewer sick days
  • Greater ease in dealing with "Problem" situations
  • The job becomes a place to express oneself


Find more information about these workshops and many others at



For a schedule of courses, go to http://www.transformationmadeeasy.com/en/schedule.shtml.


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