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Articles by Ariel and Shya Kane:


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Ready to use Quotes from Ariel and Shya Kane:


"We work with people supporting them in the skill-set of living in the moment.  Our courses are a gymnasium where people who are interested in living a productive, effective and satisfied life can strengthen their abilities to be present regardless of the circumstance.  Transformation happens outside of time.  And when it happens, it happens in this moment of now.  It isn't a goal that you set for yourself.  It is an event that literally shifts your ability to experience your life so that satisfaction and well-being are the norm Instantaneous Transformation."


"There is a possibility of creating or having a magical shift in the way that you experience living that allows you to be the author of your life rather than be the victim of the circumstances in your life."


"Whether people find us out of a desire to get more out of their life or out of a challenging situation they are overcoming (loss, breakup of a relationship, stress or anxiety, guilt, etc), they can experience well-being and satisfaction without having to 'work on' themselves or their perceived 'problems.'"


"In today's culture, we have reached a place where our lives are no longer dictated by fulfilling our basic needs for survival.  With the advances of technology and communication, we have the freedom/opportunity/challenge of living life, not just to survive and get by, but to experience joy, satisfaction, a spiritual connection to ourselves and our environment.   Our approach answers the questions people often ask themselves in this culture: 'there must be more to life than this' or 'even though I make a good living and don't have any major problems in my life, I'm still not satisfied on a day-to-day basis.'  In an expanding climate of self-discovery, our approach also addresses the question 'who are you, really?' so people's experience of life shifts from one of problems and complaints to one of awareness, well-being, and making a difference in the lives of people around them."


"We have found that the simple identification and recognition of unexamined behavior patterns or beliefs is enough to facilitate resolution without having to 'work on' them as problems. We identify and communicate the dynamics we observe with individuals and organizations that unknowingly undermine effectiveness and satisfaction. We have found that the slightest shift in one's reality can produce a quantum shift in one's life this is what we call Instantaneous Transformation."



An excerpt from Working on Yourself Doesn't Work:

"You Can't Do It Alone"

Human beings have survived out of their interdependence, not their independence. When infants are born they are completely helpless and would surely perish if not for the love and care given by the culture they were born into. Societies have survived and evolved out of the interdependence of the participants in those cultures. And humanity has been around for a very long time. So our genetic heritage and predisposition is toward co-operation and fitting into a society, culture, or community.

It is only in the most recent history that people subscribe to the ideal of "independence" of doing it on your own, of not needing anybody to support you. And in concept this may be a good idea but only as a concept. We have millions of years of a genetic heritage that argues for community, and we have maybe 75 to 100 years that argues for independence.

It's been our experience that you really can't do it on your own for a number of reasons, not the least of which is your genetic predisposition for community. If things aren't working right or there are problems that arise in our lives when one is operating "alone," it is difficult to find solutions that are appropriate and long term. We have heard it said that every solution creates new problems. Einstein postulated that a problem cannot be solved from within the system that created that problem. When people try to do it on their own, any problem that they create and any solution they come up with is still locked into the system that they are in. Therefore, people often find themselves going from what they thought was a solution into the next series of problems.

Today in the United States, people often do not stop to ponder that our country was born, not only out of the urge to have a better life, but also to get out from under oppressive governments. Hence our constitution and the words to glorious songs such as "the home of the free and the brave."

So we value our freedoms. However, since the ideas of independence and freedom are a background upon which our lives are played, we may not be making use of the system of support from friends around us because we are locked into unexamined behaviors of trying to prove we can do it alone.

If you want to be enlightened or self-realized or live a life that is actually determined by you, rather than the mechanical behaviors that you learned in order to survive in our culture, it is important that you get involved in or create a community of people who are invested in examining their lives and their behaviors, so as to effect lasting changes. In this way, we move past the mechanical behaviors we learned to survive, toward true independence, which is actually an interdependence with others.

Since it is so difficult to see yourself clearly, the benefits of a community where there is a commitment to self-realization and excellence creates an environment in which the members of that community can actually reach their own potentials. Having someone to talk to, to share ideas with, to support us in going for excellence and not quitting on ourselves is a rare gift. When you are feeling down and it all seems too hard to continue, it is in those moments that community supports us in going for our lives. It is easy to get discouraged. Life is full of disappointments, but when you realize you are not traveling that road alone, you can keep going. When you are in a community, you realize the that you make a difference, you matter, and this supports you in being your true self and making a difference with your life."
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