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Working on Yourself Doesn't Work

How to Create a Magical Relationship

Being Here: Modern Day Tales
of Enlightenment

Do we really have to "work" on
ourselves to experience transformation?
Is it possible to transform our
relationships, finances, and work
lives instantaneously?

Since 1987 Ariel and Shya Kane have been catalysts for the personal transformation of thousands of individuals, businesses, and organizations, including the United Nations Women's Guild and the United Nations Society of Enlightenment and Transformation, through their books, workshops, seminars, podcasts, and consulting work. Working together, they offer a balanced perspective of both male and female points of view. As a couple in a loving, satisfying, and thriving relationship (married for 24 years), the Kanes truly walk their talk.

We all experience challenging situations – breakups, stress, loss, tension at work, financial strain – the Kanes assist people in finding their way to well-being without having to "work on" themselves or find "solutions" to their "problems." Using an anthropological approach, which allows participants to move forward without self judgment, they show people how to live in the moment. According to the Kanes, "When transformation happens, it happens in this moment of now. It isn't a goal that you set for yourself. It is an event that literally shifts your ability to experience your life so that satisfaction and well-being are the norm – Instantaneous Transformation."

In a world where solutions to our problems are offered at a head-spinning rate, the Kanes suggest that simply recognizing our unexamined beliefs can facilitate resolution. They have found that slight shifts in reality create quantum shifts in life. Their approach clears out the mental clutter, which allows communication and inspiration to flow. They guide clients through this process using the Instantaneous Transformation technology.

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