Preparing to Perform…with Practical Enlightenment

from Michael in NY, NY

Preparing to Perform…with Practical Enlightenment

michael-hI’m delighted that, as my own Transformation deepens, I am finding ways to share the possibility with others. Transformation even offers me tools that make me a more effective voice teacher.

One of my students, who was nervous about an upcoming performance, recently emailed me for help: “I was wondering if you have any last minute tips as I am now feeling the usual pre-performance jitters setting in.”

I was interested to note that my response to her didn’t focus on vocal production or Alexander Technique principles. Instead, my intuition was to send her some Practical Enlightenment:

Dear J— :

Congratulations on getting to perform today for your co-workers! Based on how you’ve been sounding in your lessons of late, I imagine that you will blow them away.

If you’re like me, you are hearing all kinds of unhelpful mental messages as the performance approaches: “I’m not prepared.” “I’m going to make a fool out of myself.”  “Everyone is going to know what a fraud I am.”

It’s important to realize that these inner messages aren’t a reflection of reality—just tape loops that play whenever your mind goes idle. The best way to deal with them is to stay engaged in whatever your day brings you. Put your full focus on every task that comes your way, whether it’s a work project or putting on your makeup. Stay engaged in what IS and you won’t be worrying about what COULD BE.

Hope that helps! Break a leg!


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