Health and Well Being: A Transformational Approach

Health and Well Being: A Transformational Approach May 14, 2008

Episode Description

Taking responsibility for our own Health and Well Being creates wholeness and balance, leading us to realize our individual full potential. Research has shown that healthy attitudes, behaviors and routines can have a lifelong positive impact and with every passing year, more and more people are living longer and healthier lives. Join Ariel and Shya Kane and their special guests, Dr. Larry and Alex, as they discuss a transformational approach to health and well Being. Dr. Larry is a Board certified Internist and Pulmonologist practicing in Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine in San Diego. Alex is a dynamic NY publicist who uses her work with the Kanes to thrive in a way that defies traditional expectations. In this episode discover how to achieve optimal Health and Well Being in your own life.

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