Aging: A Transformational Approach

Aging: A Transformational Approach June 25, 2008

Episode Description

According to a recent study, the life expectancy for babies born in the United States in 2006 hit a new record of 78 years. And the ultimate health question for many individuals today is: How long will I live and what will my quality of life be like as I get older. Join Ariel and Shya Kane and their special guest, Dr. Larry as they discuss a Transformational Approach to Aging. Dr. Larry is a Board certified Internist and Pulmonologist practicing in Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine in San Diego. In 2008 Dr Larry became a Diplomat in the “The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine” where he learned about using diet, exercise, stress reduction among other tools to improve the quality of life. Don’t miss this exciting and enlightening episode where you will discover how to live your life with ease, grace and fulfillment!

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