A Transformational Approach to Getting Out of Debt

A Transformational Approach to Getting Out of Debt January 30, 2008

Episode Description

In this day and age, living with personal debt is a common occurrence for many people. According to one news source many Americans now carry five to 10 credit cards and have credit-card debt totaling $5,000 or more. In this episode Ariel and Shya Kane welcome special guests, Paula, Vice President of Marketing & Communications at a California hospital and Lenore, actress, sign language interpreter and entrepreneur. Both Paula and Lenore were at one time deeply in debt and have discovered the keys to turn this lifestyle around. Join the Kanes and guests as they discuss a Transformational approach to getting and staying out of debt that has proven successful with less stress and more ease than you would ever have imagined. Listen in and discover a Transformational approach to living a debt free life!

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