Pick a Page

By Ariel

Pick a Page

Looking for answers? Pick a page, any page!

If you are looking for answers, why not pick a page from a magazine, a book on the shelf, a novel you might happen to be reading? See if a word, a phrase or a sentence jumps out. Or, you can pet your cat or dog and see what messages are waiting in their fur. Look up to the sky, and if there is a passing bird or flock of geese – ask them and listen for the answer. You could always listen to a random paragraph or two from an audiobook and hear what pops out. Or look at items on your desktop – see what they have to say. Discover what song is playing on the radio or your playlist. Is there a lyric that speaks to you? Or perhaps listen to what hums quietly through your head as you settle in to do the dishes.

Most of us think that answers to questions and direction in life needs to come from planning and research or from some mystical event, teacher or guru. Planning, research, mystical events and teachers are all fine but what if you also have the answers within? What if your intuition is fully developed, just not always accessed? What if all you have to do is listen?

Perhaps having the answers only takes asking for them and then listening for the reply as it rolls off the page, flies through the sky, or whispers gently in your mind.

Who knows, an answer, a direction, may even appear on a logo on a truck passing by if you are there to see it.

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Wonderful, thanks for Sharing!

It’s Sunday morning, and I’m writing a funeral speech. During my break, I’m reading Ariel and Shya Kane’s blog. Appreciating one’s own intuition and paying attention to the small signals around us—it’s a very inspiring blog article. Thank you very much, Ariel and Shya, for your valuable insights into the little things that make life more beautiful. I love it. Now I can continue writing my funeral speech feeling inspired once again.