On the Wings of Kindness

by Ariel

On the Wings of Kindness

Your heart soars, your life blossoms and others around you fly on the Wings of Kindness.

Compassion grows, your generous nature comes to the fore and everything and everyone blooms on the Wings of Kindness.

Were you hard on yourself today? If so, perhaps you can find it in you to be kind to yourself about that. Were you grouchy with your kids, your lover or coworker or perhaps a stranger? If so, can you forgive yourself, apologize as needed or take actions to repair the damage, if any? That would be kind.

Didn’t get enough sleep, ate too much, had unkind thoughts or did you do something you later regretted? Consider giving yourself a break.

Generally we write longer articles that are more complex. But kindness is a simple thing, perhaps a quiet thing.

Spread the Wings of Kindness and watch your heart take wing.

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Just what I needed to hear today!

Thanks so much for this kind, short and generous reminder. I really needed this today.

Love you:-)!! Thanks for this wonderful reminder of the simplicity of life!