My Feet Stop Here

By Ariel Kane

My Feet Stop Here

I once asked a salesman at B&H Photo, one of the largest photographic equipment stores in the world, “Which digital camera is best?”

Of course, that’s a loaded question, but at the time, I was in the midst of upgrading my digital camera. The salesman looked me in the eye and said without hesitation, “Whatever camera you’re willing to carry.”

Over the years, I have come to see time-and-again, how true that statement is. In this digital age, where iPhones contain sophisticated equipment that captures videos and still images, it is easy for me to be out and about and rarely be caught without my “camera.” In fact, when I bought my latest iPhone*, one that was bigger than my last, my friend Lenore was kind enough to make a belly pack style pocketbook to perfectly accommodate it.


While in Costa Rica for our annual immersion courses in leadership, communication and well-being, Shya and I sometimes take a walk in the morning before breakfast. I get dressed, put on my shoes, wrap my Lenorable** belly pack around my waist, iPhone enclosed, and we head out while the morning air is still cool and fresh. Down the mile-long drive to the property’s entrance we go, returning in time for breakfast.

Sometimes our pace is leisurely, pointing out birds or watching the clouds as they change from lavender to peach then opalescent. Other times we are more directed, walking at a pace. At still other times I find myself scanning for photo ops, stopping to grab a shot and then jogging to catch up with Shya.

On one particular morning, we were walking with a loose and easy stride, using awareness to navigate around stones and rocks in our path. We were moving to move, enjoying the play of muscles, our breath and the movement itself. Suddenly my feet stopped of their own volition. To my left hung a flower that took my breath away. I wasn’t looking for it. I didn’t plan it. I hadn’t expected it. But there it hung in its perfection.

As you move through life, perfection is within you and all around you. And from time to time, if you let them, your feet will stop unbidden, so that you can behold some facet of that perfection shining like a gem.

*Special Note: All photos accompanying this article were taken with my iPhone – by far the best camera I own.
** You can see some of Lenore’s Lenorable designs on her Instagram page:

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Love it, dear Ariel! Thank you for reminding me to the perfectness of life!