My Cup Well and Truly Overfloweth with the Abundance that is Instantaneous Transformation

From Naz in Malvern, England

My Cup Well and Truly Overfloweth with the Abundance that is Instantaneous Transformation

IMG_1354 (3)Hi Everyone,

I wanted to share the release of a book I’ve co-written ‘The Laid Back Guide to Exams and Stress’ along with fantastic friend and author, Jennie Caswell, and gifted illustrator, Rodge David. It’s the first thing I’ve had in print – and it is one of my long held dreams, made possible after I’d signed up for the 2016  transformative trip to Costa Rica.

fullc1For months, we had approached a number of publishers who liked the idea of the book, but not the fact that we hadn’t published anything before – they saw us as too much of a risk. However, just a week after saying Yes to Costa Rica, our publisher, Motivational Press, materialized and suddenly we found ourselves with a publisher who believed in us.

I also recall on my last night in Costa Rica 2016, I made a wish concerning the book – well… out of stock on the first day of release is pretty impressive – don’t you agree!!!

So, deepest gratitude to you Ariel and Shya – you have touched me and my life so very deeply and I love how instantaneous transformation creates an abundance of wealth and happiness in so many different ways. Deepest gratitude also to our wonderful community – I really love how we all hold space for each other to be ourselves and celebrate each others’ successes. And, of course, deepest gratitude and love to my partner Laurence Gouldbourne – thank you for encouraging me to go for my dreams and for being your most wonderful self. Instantaneous Transformation has blessed me with such abundance… my cup is well and truly overflowing.

If you’d like to know more about my work, here is the website: and our Facebook page – feel free to like the page – would love to have you with us.

Also, there is a special 1 day promotion on April 9th where you can buy the E-book version of ‘The Laid Back Guide to Exams and Stress’ for 99p on Feel free to review away on Amazon – we’d love to hear from you.

If you’d like to get a copy of the book – it’s available on Amazon UK and Amazon US.

We’re also on the Al Cole People of Distinction radio show on March 30th at 4:15pm EST, which is a syndicated radio show in the US.

Much Love and a wonderful Easter to you all,


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