My concert :-) from Andrea in Basel, Switzerland

My concert :-) from Andrea in Basel, Switzerland

Andrea's ConcertDear friends from all over the world!

I’m so happy to share my experience from last friday with you :- ))

As many of you know I work as a singing teacher and a singer and I also write songs in swiss-german. During springtime this year I had the idea to organize a concert for my friends (inspired by Corinne Gabriel-Sarti’s concerts she does every year :- ) where they could come and listen to my songs.

I got a very beautiful flyer, rented a room in the city and started taking ticket reservations for the evening. To my own surprise, the concert was sold out even three weeks in advance!!

105 people were there and enjoyed this beautiful and inspiring evening with me! Even Katja, Stefanie and Thomas flew in from Hamburg to be part of it :- ))

I had so much fun on stage, something I couldn’t have imagined five, six years ago :- ) It was all about being there with my audience and enjoying what I do and share it with them.

Before, during and after the concert everyone around me supported me and had a helping hand whenever one was needed. It was wonderful! I’m so grateful for the gift of transformation – it gives me the possibility to see the world anew and to try new things. Writing songs in my own language was such a embarrassing idea to me once and I gave it a shot and I love doing it and I love how people love the songs.

Attached you find a lovely picture of the evening. On the following youtube-link you can see a video-extract of the song “Chasch numä dankä sägä” which means “The only thing you can do is saying thank you”. It is about how thankful I am for the joy and love I experience in my life:

Enjoy it and I will see many of you very very soon in New York for the “Freedom to Breathe / Art of Being a Healer” weekend. I’m so excited to come!

If you are thinking about joining me – please do it! I would be very happy to see you there – it is not too late to register and to book a flight or train or whatever is needed so you can get there.

Love and hugs to all of you,

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Way to go Andrea! Inspiring…