Transformation Supports Me in Living My Dream!

From Corinne McCormack in New York City

Transformation Supports Me in Living My Dream!

corinnemccormack-hsnLast night I had an awesome appearance on HSN, the Home Shopping Network (see a clip by clicking on “Live Presentation” here).

It was so cool because in our training, the instructor was telling us what to do and what to say. Then she said, “You just need to be in the present moment. Don’t get lost in your thoughts.” It reminded me of how important what I have learned from Ariel & Shya is and how prepared I am to face anything. I was nervous, I was excited but I was there for all of it.

I saw how scared some of the other presenters were and I was there for them. I wasn’t there just for me, but saw how I could support them.

Two other presenters sold out of their product and I didn’t. I could see how I could compare myself and come up less, but I didn’t. I was truly happy for them.  It was a great night!

Looking forward to seeing everyone next Monday and I will be inviting people.

With sincere appreciation.


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