Kitten Chronicles: Sniff Sniff Hurray

By Ariel
Kitty looking into camera

Kitten Chronicles: Sniff Sniff Hurray

Baby is a creative cat. I particularly notice it at night. She loves to wake me in the small hours of the morning, begging to be fed.

Kitty looking into camera

She is surprisingly heavy-pawed as she marches her way up my body. When there is no response, Baby will race around the room vocalizing in protest. She has even used her claws on the corner of the mattress to shake the bed.

Sometimes I play as if I am sleeping to see what she will come up with next. Will she nibble my nose? Will she pat my face with her paw? It’s always a varied approach.

Recently she tried something that had me spontaneously laughing and as I sat up, I swear she was cheering her success. Since I was sleeping on my side, Baby used my body as a balance beam. Perched on my upper arm and shoulder, she inserted her nose in my ear and began breathing in and out in a rapid rhythm.

“Sniff Sniff – Hurray!”

I couldn’t help but hear her creative request.
Laughing, I sat up.
It was mealtime.

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Haha. What a sweet story of Baby. Big smile 😄