The Kitten Chronicles: Our Kitty Shaped Alarm Clock – Becoming Morning People

By Ariel and Shya Kane
Baby the kitten in bed

The Kitten Chronicles: Our Kitty Shaped Alarm Clock – Becoming Morning People

In the past it was rare for us wake in the morning before first light. Sure, it happened when on a fishing adventure or when getting ready to travel in order to catch a flight. But now it is a daily thing. Rare is it that we are abed until 6 or 7am because now we have a kitty shaped alarm clock.

Within a day of bringing our kitten, Baby, home, she had learned how to scale the basket near our bed then an easy jump and she was with us. Within just a couple of days, she began training us. See, she loves to play before the sun comes up. 4:45am is her favorite time. Of course, we could discourage her by speaking in a gruff voice or sweeping her off the bed with an irritated hand or by closing her up in another room, but we find her antics (mainly) delightful.

Baby the kitten and Shya nappingA pipe cleaner between the headboard and the mattress is a favorite to scrabble with in those early hours. Her little green stuffed mouse toy that rattles sounds particularly loud when placed on one’s head. And sometimes, we can tell she has contentedly played without us when we find our bed littered with her toys. But at other times when she is more impatient, or we have been harder to rouse, a quick nip on the nose will do the trick. On the rare occasion she is more aggressive – generally when we have ignored her for too long – and she will use a hand as a chew toy, although her teeth never break the skin.

But mainly she purrs loudly, even when assaulting us, as if she is so happy to be with us to start her day. If one of us is lying on our side she will walk up our body like the ridgeline on a mountain range. On other mornings she launches herself off a belly to the floor. Perhaps she likes the “oof” sound that accompanies this maneuver.

We have begun going to bed early and getting up early, too. There are three of us here in our home and we are now a household of morning people who play before it’s light.

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What a lovely note! She is so ridiculously adorable. In a trans-species sort of way, it reminds me of our granddaughter Sofika in the morning. She can’t find enough things to be absolutely entranced and dazzled by. This is one minute after waking up (and everybody else as well).

Glad you’re having such a swell (Transformational!) time with Baby. You’re both such great story tellers that I now feel part of the family — in a virtual sort of way.