Kindness and Love

By Ariel

Kindness and Love

If you were caring for a young, vulnerable child and every day you told her or him that she or he was stupid, and every day was filled with judgments, berating, and chastisement, do you think she or he would flourish? Do you think that child would feel expressive, expansive or inspired?

Well, what do you think happens when you talk to yourself in a harsh manner? 

Uh-oh… were you just hard on yourself for being hard on yourself? 

No worries! No need to be hard on yourself for that. Kindness and love starts right where you are. 

Being kind to yourself pulls the thread that empties your pouch of self-judgment so those ideas can float away like fluff on a breeze.

How about now? Are you judging yourself harshly now? 

If so, then go ahead – take a breath. If not, then go ahead – take a breath. 

Kindness, love and well-being are accessible in this moment. They can be experienced with just one breath.

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Love it – again and. again:-)! Thank you for the beautiful picture:-)!