Just Keep Going

From Judy in Manhattan, New York

Just Keep Going

Last spring, I signed up for the Susan G. Komen 3-Day Walk – a 60-mile walk over three days to help end breast cancer. When you sign up for the Susan Komen walk, you automatically agree to raise $2,300. I was excited to be part of this quest to eliminate breast cancer and am walking because I am grateful to be healthy and to honor all my friends who have been touched by this disease. I posted my fundraiser to Facebook and immediately got some donations… “This is easy,” I thought. Weeks and a couple of months passed by as I physically trained (walking 20 miles a day for three days is no joke).

In late June, I decided it was time to make a push for fundraising. I posted to Facebook and sent out fundraising emails. I waited but no donations came in. The thoughts in my head went crazy: “You can’t,” “You won’t,” “It will never happen.”

But having taken many seminars with Ariel & Shya Kane, I knew that they were only that – thoughts. The same voices that start chattering in my mind whenever I try something new or do something I consider challenging. I took a deep breath and kept going, sent more emails and kept posting to Facebook. Pretty soon, donations flowed in. I have now met and surpassed my goal, several months ahead of the deadline.

I see that signing up for the Susan Komen 3-Day walk is a metaphor for life. Like everywhere else in life, you simply have to keep going.


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Awesome, Judy! I’m impressed by how you kept going- preparing the walk and collecting the money! Wonderful example! ( (And – by the way- awesome picture of you as well! ?)

Thanks for this important reminder Judy! I love your post!