Joe and the Virus

Joe and the Virus

Dear Friends,

The first person we personally knew who fell ill during this pandemic was our friend Joe, who fortunately has now recovered. Once he got his feet back under him, so to speak, Joe was able to participate in one of our Living Made Easy: Virtual Seminars and he shared a remarkable story about how our approach and the Three Principles of Instantaneous Transformation supported him while he was very sick. We realized that his description of accessing a state of well-being was too important to keep to ourselves. So Joe, with the help of his wife Candace and professional filmmaker Sathya Vijayendran, were kind enough to create a video explaining it for you.

We hope you enjoy his video as much as we did. Feel free to pass it along to others.

Wishing you and your loved ones health and well-being.

Ariel and Shya

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Thanks Joe, so sensible and glad your ok!

Thanks so much Raymond! It’s been great seeing you on the Global Video Seminars. Hope to see you at the video seminar on Saturday or Monday night – I’ll be at both!

Joe, thank you so much for sharing. I‘m so thankful that you recovered so well❤️! Send you and Candace all my love.

Thank you, Adelheid! That’s very sweet. I haven’t seen you in so long – how are you? I’ll be on the Global Video Seminar Saturday, April 25th. Will you be joining as well? It would be great to see you.