It’s a Kind of Magic

From Naz and Laurence in England

It’s a Kind of Magic

Naz & Laurence in June 2014
Naz & Laurence in June 2014

Laurence and I had such a wonderful time in Costa Rica and really wanted to share the transformational and synchronistic experience we had when we got back. So here it is…

On touching down in the UK, Laurence drove me to my sister’s so I could pick up my car; what was waiting for us both was fantastic!

Firstly, and very unexpectedly, my mother was there. A bit of background here might help – she was not happy with my choice in partner, as he is black. She and I had been estranged for some months prior, but we had built bridges before Costa Rica. However, my mother had not seen Laurence since her first meeting him, where she expressed prejudice and disapproval. Consequently, It was lovely to see her embrace him with warmth and acceptance. Amazing how this relationship has instantaneously transformed!

Secondly, my sister began talking about her own recent transformational experiences and how it has led her to new possibilities. Here is an approximation of what she said: “I knew that I needed to show people who I really am and when I did, my relationships seemed to change. It was as if people were really seeing me for the first time and really respected me. Before, they use to ignore me, but since I’ve gone for what I wanted, people treat me differently at work.” Now, she knows nothing about the course, so how synchronistic is that! It was a reminder to me to go for what I want and when I’m really being me, then anything is possible. She is such an inspiration and has really motivated Laurence and I.

Say Yes to Your Life Costa Rica 2016 has been such an adventure of discovery and transformation, within us and within the world around us. Pura Vida!

Much love,

Naz and Laurence


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