I Slowed Down and Magic Happened

By Michel Mercier in NYC

I Slowed Down and Magic Happened

This weekend I had an amazing experience with Transformation that I want to share. My wife Susan was working in the Public Theater, so I had a lot of time with myself. While doing a chore, I realized that I was not really there and that my head had wandered off thinking about doing other things that would be more “preferable”.

In my thoughts, I told myself, “I’ll do this chore quickly and then do what I really want to do: read my new book, which I love.” 

Suddenly, it was as if I heard Shya’s voice saying “Now slow down a moment,” and instantly I was present in the moment. It felt like an epiphany and moved me deeply. In that moment, I realized how much of my time I was doing things to get them done in order to move on to something I “liked”.

All of a sudden, I actually saw what lay before me and what needed to be done. When I finished one thing, I didn’t think, but just saw the next thing that needed to be done and did it. It was a magical experience.

Never before in my life did I have such an efficient weekend nor had I ever accomplished so many things that I would normally consider “chores”: cleaning the car, doing laundry, cooking, installing a new toilet seat, scraping off old paint from a door, vacuuming and so on. I even took time for naps and reading my book! Just by looking I saw what needed to be done and there was no thinking involved, just being which translated into effortless actions. 

Slowing down has also allowed me to check in with myself and see my truth and then speak it. In the past, I would lie to myself in social situations and not speak up in fear of being rejected. 

Taking a step back and seeing that something doesn’t sit right with me, instead of blanking out mentally and ignoring what is going on, has changed my life. I feel that this new skill set allows me to be a better listener, a better husband to Susan, a better friend and also a straightforward person.

I am thankful because I know that without attending the Living Made Easy seminars, including weekends and Costa Rica, I would have never had this transformative experience that has shifted the way I look at the world and how I express myself! 

I love it!

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Thank you! This article arrived in my inbox at just the right time. I was about to launch into “the things I”m behind on”. I’ve just taken a breath, several actually and I’m feeling like myself again not like scrambled eggs. Already, I feel an ease. I have heard it said that transformation is instantaneous, taaa daaa. I’m one more example.

I really, really love your article! Michel, thank you for sharing this great experience!

Thanks for your article Michel! My “to do” is full today, and after reading your words, I have relaxed into each appointment I have scheduled, and I have enjoyed being where I am at. Your words were a wonderful reminder to be where I am – and it’s a beautiful day!

Love this!! Awesome and inspiring MIchel!

Thank you everyone for your lovely responses and for having read about my transformational experience!
The more I share transformation, the more it is a reality for me. As a recent immigrant to the US, it is serving me throughout the immigration process by enabling me to stay centered in myself in times of uncertainty and waiting. By allowing things to develop as they did and not resisting them, puzzle pieces fell into place almost by themselves. Recently, my work permit came through and my wife Susan and I are only weeks away from the final interview with US immigrations, before getting the Green Card.
Transformation continues to have a profound impact on my life for which I’m very grateful.