By Ariel


Ever spontaneously think about someone you love or a friend you’ve been missing? Does this ever happen when it isn’t a convenient time to drop what you’re doing to give them a call, shoot a text, write a letter or email? It frequently happens to me. Sometimes, I flash on someone whom I haven’t seen in months or even years and I wonder how they’re doing. Occasionally I even wonder if they’re still alive. Rather than get frustrated that we haven’t spoken in some time, I have taken to sending messages via “i-Mail.”

i-Mail is a term I made up. It stands for intuition-Mail. I often close my eyes to deliver one – but not while driving! I can “write” and relay an entire heartfelt message in a moment. My love notes wing their way across time and space and I feel connected, whether the recipients feel them or not.

My mom passed away in May of 2019 and I regularly send her i-Mails, too.

Shya has joined me in sending messages like this, also. Recently, a person we’d lost touch with for about 5 years sent us an email within a day of our “contacting” her and another whom we hadn’t seen in months immediately sent us back a loving email as well.

Hmmm – did they think of us first or did we send an i-Mail to them? It doesn’t particularly matter. What matters is that our connection has been reestablished.

For us, it isn’t about getting a reply – although I must admit that receiving one is super fun and satisfying. It’s really about reaching out and sending love. It doesn’t take time. It just requires a willingness to care and admit to being connected, wherever you are on this glorious planet of ours.

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Thank you so much for this article, Ariel!
Now you gave me a great term for those thoughts of love I send in my mind. And I realized that I could send these i-Mails of love and warmth also to those I lost touch with and might not be able/willing to reconnect (whatever the reasons might be) whenever I think of them.
Thank you!
Much love from Denmark.

Experienced this a couple of months ago. Thought about a friend I hadnt spoken to in months and suddenly received a text message. Whether I chose to contact her I dont know, but my intuition was absolutely right. Do you guys have any tips on how to be more in touch with your intuition?

Intuition-Mail – that’s a wonderful term you coined!

Once I allowed myself to feel connected to my oldest son who has not grown up with me, once I dropped beating myself up about that fact, once I allowed myself to see and feel that I miss him and love him, it sometimes happens that I get a message from him whilst thinking of him – that’s almost spooky! 🙂

Much love and gratitude xx