I Love Transformation!!!

From Susan in Brooklyn, NY

I Love Transformation!!!

Dear Friends,

Recently, at a Monday Night Alive evening, I spoke about my dad’s health & mobility challenges, how I didn’t like the direction it was going and had been getting myself upset. My dad had just been released from the hospital after spending some time there building up his strength and healing from an infection on the back of his legs. Ariel and Shya suggested, among other jewels, to be there with my dad & listen.

Last night, we went to visit my folks at their home, and it was so lovely to just be there enjoying their company and a meal together.  I listened to their concerns and how their day went & shared an amazing dinner my mom made…pork chops & sautéed peppers. Today is mom’s birthday & we have made reservations for celebrating over the weekend, when it is most convenient for them.

I am truly honored & grateful for the Kanes & y’all & the gift of transformation in my life.


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