Grandma’s “Mistake” Shines On

By Zoe Rosenberg

Grandma’s “Mistake” Shines On

I had a sweet and unexpected connection today with my grandma who passed away on Thanksgiving Day, 2018. I was cleaning out my voicemail and found some old messages from her. I was surprised by the wave of emotions that came over me just hearing her voice: happiness, sadness, love. One of the messages was actually meant for my cousin. She had called just to say hello and check in on him and then mid-message Grandma realized she had called the wrong number. Even that short voicemail encapsulated her big heart, and the way she took care of people. It was a “normal” message from her, but in listening to it now, a few years after her death, I really felt the depth and breadth of her magnificence in every word. I passed the voicemail for my cousin along to him and he was deeply touched, as well.

As I went about my day, I realized, we do indeed underestimate the difference we make, even in “simple little” interactions. In my grandma’s eyes, she likely thought she was just saying hello. In my experience, that little “mistaken” phone message lit up my life and still does, even long after she is gone.

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Thank you for sharing your grandma with us. Simple interactions. Thanks Zoe.

I really love this story, dear Zoe! Yes, we make a difference in every moment of our life. You made my day!

What a sweet and brilliant story! Thanks for sharing your grandmother and her magnificence with us.

Thank you for reminding me to check my voicemails. I found voicemails from my mom, who died 2 years ago, and it was so wonderful hearing her voice. Big smile on my face both from reading your blog and hearing my mom’s voice again!

Simple, small things are often the greatest. Thank you for sharing this deeply touching and heartwarming story, Zoe!

So moved by your story, Zoe. What a beautiful reminder of the difference we all make – thank you so much for sharing your self and your Grandma with all of us! xoxo

Such a touching experience. Thank you for sharing this sweet interaction. A wonderful reminder of the difference we make.