Good Friends and Community

from Ursula in St. Galen, Switzerland

Good Friends and Community

Ursula on Holiday
Ursula's cats

I had just come home from Greece, where I had just led a 10-day-seminar on voice and musical creativity together with a good friend of mine. During my first day back, I was tired, happy, looking forward to rest and enjoying my two gorgeous cats, holidays and my beautiful apartment.

The next day I was rather surprised that my enjoyment levels had dropped and I started to feel like I was dragging my feet around all the things one should feel happy to do, like talking a walk, enjoying my meals, my spare time, reading books – all the things my mind had stored under “Yippee, holidays:-)!”

I knew that my body wanted to rest, but my mind obviously didn’t. That was the moment I got a message from my good friend Corinne, who said that she’d just heard my voice on the Internet Radio show of Ariel & Shya Kane, Being Here, loved it, loved me and thanked me for being in her life. She had heard things on this show that she’d never heard before and made a difference for her. I was deeply moved, had tears of love in my eyes, responded to her message with a smile and thought to myself: “Well, why not be supported by myself and Ariel & Shya, even during my holidays:-)?” I really didn’t remember what the Kanes or I had talked about; the title, “Your presence is a Gift,” rang a bell, though. I listened to it, curled up on my sofa and my heart opened up to the possibilites of life again. I loved it so much that I stayed on and listened to the next episode, as well! I was back in my life, in my now, ready to enjoy my holiday no matter what would take place – rest or activity, feeling tired or energized.

I can’t thank Ariel & Shya enough for the gift of Transformation! Their presence and how they share it is such a gift to so many! And what I rediscovered is what a difference it makes to reach out to our friends, even with just a little text via this wonderful smartphone. It’s so easy! Thanks Corinne for a lovely start into my holidays and for being there for me!

I will attend the seminar Creativity & Intuition in New York, taking place on the weekend of Aug 11 to 13. Do you want to join me? It will be amazing and a gift to yourself and your friends and the world:-)!

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Hi Ursula, I am taking my lunch break at work, and your inspiring blog transformed my day! I feel like you reached out to me too. I will see you at the Creativity & Intuition seminar in New York City – just days away! Looking forward to seeing you & thank you for sharing your beautiful story on the blog! Colleen

Thank you my dear friend! Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow?

Just reading your post put this massive smile on my face and mind – thanks so much for sharing! Love, Maren

You’re so welcome?

Thank you so much for sharing <3 I heard you on that Show – amazing for me too! 🙂 hug & see you at Creativity & Intuition 🙂 xo Christian

Can’t wait to see you?!