Rekindle your sense of wonder and well-being – no effort required

Fun as the Access Way to Enlightenment

January 10 – 12, 2020 | NYC

“Play is the highest form of research.” Albert Einstein

Most of us have the idea that attaining enlightenment or self-realization has to be arduous and take a long time but what if that notion simply isn’t true? What if self-discovery can be painless, easy and…fun?

In this light-hearted weekend seminar, award-winning authors and international seminar leaders Ariel and Shya Kane show how fun is not a diversion from succeeding, but rather a pathway to fully living. After all, the middle word in “enlightenment” is “light”! The Kanes’ modern day approach to living in the moment – Instantaneous Transformation – has supported millions of people, world-wide, in having more satisfying lives without working on themselves or their “problems.” While enjoying a rejuvenating seminar, you’ll gain practical tools that can radically improve the quality of your life.

This course is not serious or hard work, nor does it require meditation or any other self-improvement technique. It only requires your willingness to have fun.

A non-refundable, non-transferable deposit of $100 reserves your space.

In this seminar, you will

  • Rekindle your sense of wonder and playfulness
  • Experience freedom from stress, worry and anxiety
  • Let go of your concerns and have fun for no reason
  • Enjoy a deeper sense of connection with the people around you
  • Learn practical tools for living in the moment
  • Discover how to have well-being with consistency, regardless of the circumstances

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Fun as the Access Way to Enlightenment

Jan. 10 – 12, 2020 | New York, NY

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