Forgiveness, Freedom and the Gift
that is ‘Practical Enlightenment’

From Naz in Malvern, England

Forgiveness, Freedom and the Gift
that is ‘Practical Enlightenment’

Thursday 31st March 2016 was one of the most magical and transformational experiences to date.

It was the day I found my freedom and reclaimed a part of me I didn’t know existed. All this is thanks to reading the truly powerful guidance and stories from Ariel and Shya’s Practical Enlightenment. In particular one story stayed with me; Shya’s story about Dick in Chapter 12 resonated deeply with me. It is about compassion and forgiveness. I couldn’t shake it as I began to wonder how I had been withholding my heart from others – especially my mother.

practical-enlightenment-mcaUp until reading that chapter, I hadn’t realised that my story about my mother was based upon childhood memories and feelings of anger, which I, still, unconsciously carried around in my head. Consequently, I had used them to build and maintain a barrier between us. I also hadn’t realised how strongly I had retained my story, or how I had really hurt my mother by being so distant. I also realised that for years I had kept myself trapped in this story, as well as trapping my mother too, so she could not be free to grow.

In the wake of that Aha moment, I called her and told her how very sorry I was and how very much I loved her – it really was a beautiful, profound healing for us. You see, something shifted in me – I mean physically shifted, like my heart physically expanded and I felt all this energy begin to flow through it – like a dam had broken. And it did break, as I felt tears streaming down my face in the wonder of this amazing, powerful healing – and all I felt was a profound love and connection, with her, with me, with the moment. Also, in releasing my story I not only set myself free, but my mother too.

I have never experienced the true power of forgiveness that comes with dropping one’s story before – especially the ones we have about our family. I never understood the process of forgiveness before reading Practical Enlightenment but now having experienced it, I can say it is the most powerful, most magical and healing experience for all involved. Thank you Ariel and Shya for creating this most powerful, healing book and sharing it with the world.

Much Love,

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Beautiful touching story! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

Hi Jodi,

Thank you so much for your comment. I’m so happy it touched you and my greatest pleasure in sharing. 🙂

Wow, what a terrific experience! I’m so glad you shared this