Finding My Center in the Workplace

From Candace in Brooklyn, New York

Finding My Center in the Workplace

I work for a fashion company and manage the packaging and printed materials for all of our stores across the globe. Three months ago, our department restructured and reduced our team from 3 to 2 people – myself and my manager. Just last week, our team was downsized again, and I am now a team of 1. When this happened, I was initially in shock as I have been asked to take on my manager’s job responsibilities in addition to my own. I had concerns about my workload, and also thoughts about how I would even be able to understand some of the things she managed. She had been with the company for 13 years and I thought I wouldn’t be able to handle it all.

What was cool for me was as these thoughts kept showing up, I could see them happening in my mind – sometimes I judged myself for having them, and other times I could just experience whatever I was feeling and they would dissipate. When I had meetings with my new manager and our Creative Director about the changes happening within the company, I listened to them, not thinking about what I needed to say or what point I needed to get across to them. I saw that they have complete faith in my abilities and that the decision was not random – they know I’m fully capable. It’s been nice to see myself through their eyes, especially when those nagging, not so nice thoughts creep in.

Throughout the week, a few people I work with came up to me and noted how stress free I was considering everything that has happened within our department. It was a reminder that while I may have felt not so centered at times, I was in fact a lot more centered than I would have been without Transformation in my life. I feel so energized and am really excited about my job (my life, too) and learning new things!

Transformation has supported me in being able to listen to my managers and co-workers, focus on the work I have to do, and also provided me with a path to well-being. I invite you to experience Transformation for yourself though one of the upcoming weekend seminars, The Power of Listening in New York City or Transformation in the Workplace, in Hamburg, Germany, or both!

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Thank you so much for sharing your story! I love it and I will go to the seminar in Hamburg “Transformation in the Workplace”. It sounds like Transformation works in all places!