The Kitten Chronicles: Feeling the Love

By Ariel Kane
Baby with apron

The Kitten Chronicles: Feeling the Love

Our kitten Baby is very talented with her paws. She can bat a toy around the room or leap and snag a feather “bird” being flown on a string. But when it comes to using those paws with the two of us, she does so, so sweetly.

From time-to-time Baby “counts coup”. This is a spontaneous game she has devised where she will rush by and gently tap one of us on the foot in passing. We can almost hear her say, “Gotcha!” as she goes. In the mornings, she’ll frequently wrap those soft paws around Shya’s forearm, nestling down before she starts to nibble him awake. Or one of my favorites: when I am standing and involved with something, like brushing my teeth, Baby will approach from behind, unnoticed, until she pads her way up the back of my legs with her front paws as she stretches out full length – it’s like being kissed by butterfly wings.

Recently we were hosting a virtual seminar and Baby kept us company as she slept on the desk just out of view. When it came time for lunch, we fed her then made our own. Looking at the clock, I realized I had just enough time to handle the dishes and make a cup of coffee before we resumed the course. Wanting to keep my dress from getting splashed with water, I dropped one of our bib aprons over my head and didn’t bother to tie it at the waist, as I wouldn’t be wearing it for long. Of course, this could be a tad dangerous with Baby around as dangling ties are an invitation to play.

The water was running in the sink and I didn’t hear her approach. She touched me oh-so-gently, extending her paws as she stretched up my leg. I closed my eyes, feeling the love. When I turned around to greet her, I saw that Baby wasn’t there at all – the apron ties had been brushing my legs as I moved. I chuckled as I realized that the love is in me.

As I was writing this, Baby just jumped on my desk, walked directly in front of the monitor, climbed into my lap and purred her way up to my shoulder while nuzzling my ear. Then she traversed the back of my chair and walked away – over to a sunny spot in the window.

Once again, I’m feeling the love.

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