Fall spectacular!

From Lenore in New York

Fall spectacular!


Dearest Friends,

I’m bursting to tell you about my commute!

I was driving very involved in my worrying about some nothing or other. Though, it was IMPORTANT at the time. Then I saw them, fall colors exploding everywhere on trees, ivy bones and the very ground. Impossible reds into glowing magentas and burgundy wines into beaver browns.

And suddenly a little flurry of golden leaves sprinkling from tree high floating downward. It’s oh-my-goodness beautiful. The goldens gathered up steam into a mini storm, whirling and twisting about and gracefully spinning toward the very roadway. I’m speeding along west to east, they are tumbling about -heading from east to west.

Sun sparkled, lit from within, crazy swirled, tornado of leaves and it’s coming; it’s gonna happen! And it does, wheee I burst right though the maelstrom. I slid in center of the riot of the yellow beige gold raining vibrant autumn leaf wonderland spectacular dance. I couldn’t help squealing aloud, childlike and amazed. “Eeeee!” while gasping.

Wow, that was glorious fun! To think, I might have missed it lost in thoughts I can’t even remember now.

Sweet sweet moments. It’s why I keep coming back to MNA and Kanes’ workshops. I have options now, my thoughts and worries can rule or the fall spectaculars of the world can blow my mind again and again! Feeling lucky, wealthy and Yes to My Life!

The Say Yes to Your Life workshop is already working!!

Lots of love,



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