You are innately a healer – discover your untapped potential

Discover the Healer in You

November 13 – 15, 2020 | Camp Tecumseh, New Jersey

“When you engage fully in the moment, pain, discomfort and stress dissolve – in an instant.” – Ariel & Shya Kane

Regardless of our vocations or roles in life, we all have the innate ability to heal and to be a healing presence for those around us. Want to access your inner healer? In this gentle, powerful course, Ariel and Shya Kane share their modern day approach to living in the moment – Instantaneous Transformation – which has supported millions of people world-wide in dissolving pain and stress without working on themselves or their “problems.” An introduction to ShyaWork, a profoundly simple and revolutionary approach to healing, this residential weekend retreat is a laboratory environment which will bring you in touch with nature and your own natural talent as a healer.

In this seminar, you will

  • Effortlessly dissolve physical and emotional tension
  • Experience freedom from stress, worry and anxiety
  • Learn practical tools for having well-being with consistency
  • Discover the healing power of your presence
  • Strengthen your ability to bypass your critical thoughts and access the current moment
  • Come away rejuvenated

Travel Insurance

We recommend travel insurance for this course in case of medical emergency or unexpected airline delays. Here are two travel insurance companies our course participants have used:

Travel / Directions

Approximate Travel Time to Major Airports:

  • Newark International Airport (Newark, NJ): 1 – 1.5 hours
  • JFK International Airport (Queens, NY):  2 – 2.5 hours
  • LaGuardia Airport (Queens, NY): 2 – 2.5 hours

Travel times can vary greatly and are subject to Friday night traffic departing the city and a large amount of cars returning on Sunday night as early November is the height of the leaf-viewing season in New Jersey. Plan accordingly. Also, if needed, include extra time for pickup/return of rental car.


  • By Bus: Transbridge Lines / Allentown Bus Line (then car service/arrange pick up by a friend) 
    • From: Port Authority Bus Terminal / To: Clinton, NJ Park & Ride:
      • 2:30pm departure, 3:30pm arrival
      • 3:00pm departure, 4:05pm arrival
    • From: Newark Airport / To: Clinton, NJ Park & Ride:
      • 2:30pm departure, 3:20pm arrival
    • Clinton, NJ Park & Ride bus stop is approximately a 15 minute drive to/from Camp Tecumseh. Rides to Camp Tecumseh may be arranged through Uber, Lyft or fellow participants. .
    • Occasionally Transbridge updates their Bus times during the year. We will periodically check with them and update this site if we get new times. Transbridge website.
  • By Car: Use Google Maps for directions. Be sure to plan extra time to accommodate for Friday night leaving the city traffic!

Heading Home After Your Course:

  • By Bus: Transbridge Lines / Allentown Bus Line (then car service/arrange pick up by a friend)
    • If using Lyft or Uber arrange pick up for 6:30pm. Please schedule rides in advance.
    • Depart: Clinton, NJ Park & Ride / Destination: Port Authority Bus Terminal:
      • 7:15pm departure, 8:30pm arrival

What to Bring

If possible, please bring padding for the floor to use when you experimenting with healing techniques such as ShyaWork. Suitable items are: blankets, quilts, sleeping bags, yoga mats, pillows, etc. If you are coming from out of town and these items won’t fit in your suitcases, don’t worry as participants from New York, New Jersey or surrounding areas can bring extra. Kindly pay attention to removing pet hair from all padding prior to bringing it as some participants may be allergic to pet hair/fur.


Discover the Healer in You

Nov. 13 – 15, 2020 | Camp Tecumseh, NJ


Fri. 6pm – Sun. 6pm


Before 5pm on Fri.


6pm on Sun.

*No Late Arrivals or Early Departures

Camp Tecumseh

445 Mechlin Corner Rd. Pittstown, NJ 08867

Tuition: $675

A non-refundable, non-transferable deposit of $200 reserves your space.