The Kitten Chronicles: Deep Rumble Heart

By Shya Kane
Shya and Baby on couch

The Kitten Chronicles: Deep Rumble Heart

It is only on occasion that Baby will climb upon my chest while I am laying down to take a nap or at night as I am heading off to sleep. But when she does, it is almost always with a deep rumbling purr. I’m not sure what spurs her to climb aboard and settle in, but I love it when she does.

I have noticed a phenomenon when she graces me with her presence this way. Eyes closed, I feel her weight and warmth. I feel the vibration of her purring, a deep rumble in my heart. And before I know it, it seems as if my heart is in sync with her – my heartbeats and breaths become slow and rhythmic, a counterpoint to her vibrations. Soon what is her purring and what is me becomes indistinguishable in the deep rumbling of my heart.

Author’s note: It seems a bit silly to offer a blog post that is so brief. Yet sometimes more words only dilute something so simple yet so profound.

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