Creating Together: A Story About Accessing Your Creativity and Intuition

By Zoe Rosenberg

Creating Together: A Story About Accessing Your Creativity and Intuition

Last March, when I got the announcement that schools were closing in New York and we were switching to a remote learning model, I called my friend Heike, a fellow artist and educator who lives in Cologne, Germany.  I remember feeling such a sense of insecurity – the world felt so strange and unknown.  I don’t remember exactly how the idea came about but as we spoke and shared our feelings, it became clear that we both wanted to find a way to keep ourselves centered, creative, and take care of the people around us.  We came up with the idea of a game: we would get together on zoom once a week and make art together based on a theme, inviting anyone who would like to join us.  This weekly game has been going on for well over a year, now, and has grown into a community of friends that get together to support each others’ innate creativity and artistic genius.

It occurs to me in retrospect, that out of that time of confusion and uncertainty, we rediscovered the ability to be creative, share ourselves, and take care of one another.  The breaking down of the normal structures and routines of our lives created a space for us to slow down, and discover magic.  At the time, we didn’t realize that we were creating something that would continue to grow and support people throughout the pandemic and continue after the world started opening back up again.  Luckily enough, though, you don’t have to go through a catastrophic event to discover your innate creativity, find community, and experience your natural intuition.  It can be much easier than that!  

I have been attending Ariel and Shya Kane’s seminars in listening and being present in my life.  One of my favorite seminars, which I have attended many times over the years (though it is always different) is on the topic of Creativity and Intuition.  I have found that as an artist, a teacher, as a Being in this world, this seminar has supported me in consistently experiencing the magic of life, and that when I am being here for my life, I have access to my creativity and intuition.  If you have an inkling that this seminar is for you, I wholeheartedly invite you to give it to yourself. You are worth it. 

P.S. Our theme when I wrote this was “Your Gift to The World”.  Here are some of the things that people created, and some from past weeks as well. 

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