How It All Started

In 1987, our lives profoundly and fundamentally shifted. We fell into the current moment. After years of diligently striving to improve ourselves and our lives we suddenly experienced our our own perfection and the perfection of the moment.

From that moment on, everything was different. Our lives became rich, easy and effortless. Our relationship transformed from “normal” bickering and complaint to a loving, intimate partnership. This new way of living – directly, without stress, worry or guilt – attracted the attention of our friends who invited us to speak to their companies, friends and families. These gatherings organically evolved into our seminars where we began sharing this new way of life so others could catch it for themselves. One of our clients wrote an article about her experience of being with us and called it “Instantaneous Transformation” – and the name stuck.

Now, millions of people all over the world have experienced the magic of Instantaneous Transformation and have seen their quality of lives shift. We share our practical approach to everyday well-being in our seminars, as well as through our books, articles, videos, online subscription program The Premium Excellence Club and on our weekly podcast Being Here. People in our global community are also sharing their experiences by attending our seminars, calling into our podcast, posting on our Transformational Moments Blog and by hosting Living Made Easy Meetups.

Prior to leading seminars, Ariel Kane was a successful actress, working on stage, in network television and films. She is an award-winning photographer* and currently holds five women’s world records with the International Game Fish Association. She is very proud of the fact that all of her records were caught on flies that Shya had personally made.

Shya Kane has led seminars in communication, effectiveness, time management and personal transformation since 1979. He has a degree in Anthropology from New York University.

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* Many of the photographs on this website were taken by Ariel, with the exception of the Kanes’ photo, which was taken by Theresa Vitucci.