Big Thanks and Open House 2/25!

From Raquel in NYC

Big Thanks and Open House 2/25!

raquelI became an associate at a doctor’s office in Manhattan last year.  We are practicing a form of alternative medicine that changed my life and my health. 

Just a few short years ago I was a patient there, and after shrinking fibroids, avoiding complicated surgery and clearing a myriad of health issues with this method – I turned to studying and practicing it.  I get to walk patients through the process and see the transformations in their health and lives.

I’m so thankful that I got to hang out with Ariel and Shya and so many of you at their seminars during this time. I would not have gone wholeheartedly in doing everything that was suggested to me as a patient without questioning it or “cheating” (as if I’m cheating anyone, but my body). 

I wouldn’t have wholeheartedly approached going back to school and studying a field that was new to me – medicine (I was and still am a photographer with a successful international career).

I wouldn’t have continued to invest in my art and my photography business. It just wasn’t in my reality that it could all co-exist!

And I couldn’t imagine that I’d meet and fall in love with the man I’m now dating for about a year. When we first met, my life was so full and at the same time, I also had complaints, like feeling that I had been single forever and that he wasn’t “my type.” But I’ve discovered that it was all perfect.

Big thanks and love.

And I’m so exited to invite the NY community (and anyone who’s visiting NY next week on Thursday 2/25) to an open house that we will have at our office.  We have a wonderful line up, program, goodies and giveaways. I would love to have you there and share it with you!

Here’s a Facebook link and details:

Open House (FREE)
Thursday, February 25th, 6-8pm
845 Third Ave 20 Fl / Corner of 51st St
New York, NY 10022

RSVP by calling 866-585-5999 or email us at

It will be wonderful to see you there or at a Monday Night Alive!, or a workshop in NY or around the world!


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