Being Where I Am…at Work!

From Corinne in Binningen, Switzerland

Being Where I Am…at Work!

Dear friends all over the world,

I have a little story for you about signing up for Ariel and Shya Kane’s transformational seminars.  Today, I signed up for The Power of Listening, which will take place in New York City, October 26th – 28th. I’ve often heard that the seminar starts when you register and pay your deposit, and I just had the experience of this for myself:

I manage a bakery with 8 stores and 100 employees and, among other tasks, I do the accounting. This means at the start of a new month, I type a lot of numbers into our accounting system. It is repetitive and I love it. In the past, however, I competed with myself, trying to do it faster than the last month and often got disappointed when I made mistakes.

Today, I was typing in those numbers and suddenly I heard Ariel and Shya saying, “We are not going anywhere. We are just being here, in this moment.” For the first time, I heard these words at work. I’m not going anywhere – even at work! What an insight! Instantly, I was present with my numbers and it was mind-blowing. No pressure to go faster, or not to make mistakes. I was just being where I was, with my numbers, and it was easy and fun!

I’m sure the Kanes’ August Article of the Month, “Footprints in the Sand,” supported my insight too. 🙂 It’s about the automatic urge to compete with ourselves and strive to get ahead, and the wealth of relaxing back into the current moment. If you haven’t read it, go for it. It is stunning.

Thanks, Ariel and Shya, for supporting us with all your events, articles, videos, radio shows and your big hearts! I love transformation. It is stunning how rich my life is and, thanks to transformation, I’m able to see and appreciate it.

I wholeheartedly invite you to partake in this lifestyle of transformation and any upcoming events. You will meet me at The Freedom to Breathe and The Art of Being Happy seminars in Hamburg, Germany, The Power of Listening seminar in NYC, and two weeks in Instantaneous Transformation Costa Rica 2019.

If you want to come to those events, please give the gift to yourself and sign up now.
You never know how wonderful your life can be!

Love you all,

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